Litigation Edge Launches InSync Evidence Platform, Its Next Generation Solution for Virtual Hearings and Legal Team Collaboration

InSync Evidence Platform

New Legal Technology Platform Provides Seamless Global Evidence Presentation and Enables Lawyers to Work Together, Anywhere 

Litigation Edge Launches InSync Evidence Platform, Its Next Generation Solution for Virtual Hearings and Legal Team Collaboration SINGAPORE, 28 July 2021 — Asia’s premier legal technology specialist Litigation Edge today announced the release of InSync Evidence Platform (InSync v2), a legal technology solution that enhances virtual hearings and promotes efficient collaboration amongst geographically dispersed legal teams.

“The initial concept for InSync was developed in response to COVID-19 remote work mandates,” said Serena Lim, Director and Co-Founder, Litigation Edge. “The sudden shift in workstyle gave us the breathing space, incentive, and creative impetus to create the platform for lawyers, law firms, and legal organizations.”

The first version of InSync was designed to meet the need of Singapore Courts to “get all parties to the same page quickly and accurately” and provided a virtual hearing presentation solution that seamlessly displayed evidence to all parties, counsel, and the court at the same time. Not only did this expedite “in-person” hearings, but it significantly improved the efficiency of hearings with remote parties.

InSync Evidence Platform

The InSync platform has evolved from virtual hearing presentation software to a full-fledged evidence management platform that enables lawyers, witnesses, and judges to work together, anywhere.

“Multiple lawyers on your team reviewing the same document, on the same page, concurrently adding notes, without being in the same city? Now that’s a strategic advantage,” said Brad Mixner, Technology Strategist and Co-Founder, Litigation Edge. “This strong collaborative functionality is complemented by the ability to bookmark, comment, and tag on a granular level.

InSync Evidence Platform is a browser-based solution with four key feature groups:

  1. Review Evidence – Capture, Highlight, Annotate, Tag, Notes
  2. Manage Evidence — Store, Sort, Categorize, Search
  3. Prepare Work Product — Connect Documents, Transcripts, and Files
  4. Evidence Presentation — Instantaneous Presentation of Documents on All Screens


“In my view, the biggest boost InSync Evidence Platform will bring to the advocate is control over in-hearing evidence presentation. For time immemorial we have gotten used to leading the witnesses and Court to documents by calling out references and waiting for all to ‘find the page’,” said Raeza Ibrahim, Director, Salem Ibrahim.

InSync v2 allows an advocate to immediately “call-up” the right document and section while allowing each viewer to see their own notes on that document. This is a game-changer for the advocate while ensuring that hearings proceed as efficiently as possible.” he continued.


InSync Document Linker

As part of the InSync v2 release, Litigation Edge also announced the availability of the InSync Document Linker from Microsoft AppSource. This free plugin enables the ability to connect documents, transcripts, and files together via hyperlinks created within Microsoft® Word.

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