InSync Evidence Platform

The InSync Evidence Platform from Litigation Edge.

InSync Evidence Platform v2

One single solution to manage your evidence and work product, from case commencement through trial preparation.

InSync Evidence Platform Key Features

Capture Your Evidence, Highlights, Notes and Observations, Just Like Paper

Making notes, highlighting paragraphs, using electronic tags as bookmarks, and hyperlinking documents are key features of InSync. Easy to search too! Locate all your documents, by full text search, note search, tag, affidavit, discovery list or bundle.

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Hyperlink Affidavits and Closing Submissions within Microsoft Word

InSync Document Linker enables you to connect documents, transcripts, and files together via hyperlinks created within Microsoft® Word. The plugin used to enable this powerful functionality is freely available from Microsoft AppSource.

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InSync Advantages

Multiple lawyers on your team reviewing the same document, on the same page, concurrently adding notes, without being in the same city? That’s a strategic advantage!

Strategic Advantages

  • Global Collaboration
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced Costs
  • Competitive Advantage
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Benefits to the Legal Community

Remote Collaboration

InSync promotes efficient collaboration amongst geographically dispersed legal teams, with functionality that benefits each phase of a case from commencement to trial preparation.

InSync Evidence Platform
Faster Hearings & Trials

InSync significantly reduces the amount of time that it takes a party to find a specific document. Rather than finding the right bundle, then thumbing through documents, counsel can call up a specific page and the Evidence Presenter will display the document on all screens within seconds, regardless of participant location. 

As stated by Raeza Ibrahim, Director, Salem Ibrahim

“In my view, the biggest boost InSync Evidence Platform will bring to the advocate is control over in-hearing evidence presentation. For time immemorial we have gotten used to leading the witnesses and Court to documents by calling out references and waiting for all to ‘find the page’.

“InSync v2 allows an advocate to immediately “call-up” the right document and section while allowing each viewer to see their own notes on that document. This is a game-changer for the advocate while ensuring that hearings proceed as efficiently as possible.”

Expedited Trial Preparation

InSync uses digital post-its to mirror the pen, notebook and sticky note experience associated with hard copy documents. Annotations, Tags, Highlights, and Notes for each user are automatically consolidated into a centralized digital note repository. 

Search – Find key words for AEIC preparation, cross examinations, and closing submissions.

Tag – Notes and documents can be tagged for review, making it easy to find and view groups of documents for use at trial..

Hyperlink –  Automated hyperlinking connects documents, transcripts, and files together via Microsoft Word.

Cost Reduction
  • Streamlined trial preparation and hearings.
  • Alleviates the cost associated with printing and paper logistics.
  • Reduces the necessity for travel

Jane Rebecca Ong v PricewaterhouseCoopers and others [Suit 156 of 2006]

This case involved a Plaintiff in Person whose bundles comprised 150,000 pages, totaling 50 boxes per set. Printing five bundle sets would have cost S$75,000.

The Court dispensed with the need for additional four sets on the basis that the Plaintiff engaged a litigation support company (Litigation Edge) to present the documents electronically at during hearings.

Overcomes Screen Share Issues
  1. Expedites Document Call-Up During Hearings
  2. Provides Witnesses With The Ability To Peruse Documents
  3. Side-By-Side Display of Documents and Data
InSync Evidence Platform - Side By Side Viewer
Single Monitor Interface

The unique Hearing Room interface of InSync minimizes the number of monitors that are required during a virtual hearing.​

The Document Repository, Notes Repository, and Follow Presenter features of InSync are accessible via one click from the Hearing Room. Users also have the option to view – and annotate – documents side-by-side on one monitor.​

“Undocking” of the document viewer is also available should the user prefer to use multiple monitors.

InSync Evidence Platform
Eliminates Duplicate Clutter

The tagging features of InSync eliminate the usual clutter of duplicates typically experienced when organizing documents with folders. As an example, use a single file for:

  • Core Bundles
  • Agreed Bundles
  • AEIC Witness A
  • PLOD
  • Defect A
  • Relevant
  • Closing Submissions
InSync Evidence Platform - Document Workflow
Mitigates Environmental Impact

The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations began as a promise by an international arbitrator to manage her arbitrations in an environmentally friendly manner. In 2019, Lucy Greenwood launched what she termed her ‘Green Pledge’ to minimize the impact of her arbitration practice on the environment.  

The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations seeks to raise awareness of the significant carbon footprint of the arbitration community. The Campaign works with all relevant players to promote best practice in managing arbitrations in a sustainable way. They encourage all arbitration practitioners to commit to the Campaign’s Guiding Principles and reduce their carbon emissions by signing the Green Pledge.

InSync enables legal organizations to mitigate the impact of their practice on the environment by:

  • Corresponding electronically, unless hard copy correspondence is expressly needed in the circumstances, while also being mindful that email has a carbon footprint;
  • Considering and/or suggesting, where appropriate, that witnesses or experts give evidence through videoconferencing facilities, rather than attend hearings in person;
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel and using videoconferencing facilities as an alternative;
  • Considering and questioning the need to fly at all times and offsetting carbon emissions for any arbitration-related travel.

Sign the Green Pledge here.

InSync Evidence Platform


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