CaseRoom eDiscovery System

Self-Service eDiscovery

CaseRoom enables lawyers and legal teams to process, analyze and review evidence, email, electronic documents, transcripts, and social media from anywhere at anytime, from their own desktops.

Drag…Drop…and Discover!

CaseRoom eDiscovery System

The CaseRoom eDiscovery System is our secure, user-friendly and cost-efficient evidence and document review solution that enables users to immediately upload, analyze, review and export electronic evidence.


CaseRoom enables users to immediately upload, analyze, review and export electronic documents within a secure, scalable environment.

Automated and Intuitive

In addition to being easily accessed from any secure web connection, CaseRoom has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that requires minimal training.

Feature Rich

CaseRoom features email processing, evidence management, email review, advanced search, data analytics, machine learning, and document export tools.

One Solution For Many Challenges

CaseRoom was designed to provide law firms, corporations, and government agencies with the ability to manage all phases of arbitration and litigation, including automated email processing, language identification, file analysis, advanced search, document review, tagging, and create PDF files from a single software solution.

Email Review & Analysis

The email review and analysis tools of CaseRoom dramatically reduce costs by decreasing the amount of data requiring review and increasing the efficiency of the lawyers using the system.

  • Dynamic Review Dashboards
  • Social Network Diagrams
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Filter Irrelevant Data
  • Email Timeline Visualization

Social Network Diagram

Advanced Features

Not only is CaseRoom intuitive and easy to use, but the the platform includes advanced features for power users tackling the biggest collections of digital evidence.

  • AI-Powered Assisted Review – CAL / TAR
  • Automated Processing
  • Advanced Search
  • Native File Redaction
  • Data Sampling
  • Drag And Drop Uploads
  • Secure Collaboration Portal
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Search Term Tagging During Upload
  • Collect Data From Remote Locations Or External Parties
  • Compliments Our InSync Evidence Management Platform

Proven Electronic Discovery Solution

The CaseRoom eDiscovery System was evaluated and approved by the Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority as an advanced technology solution under the Tech-celerate for Law initiative from the Law Society of Singapore (LawSoc), the Singapore Ministry of Law (MinLaw), Enterprise Singapore, and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

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