Singapore Creates New Harassment Court

Harassment Court

A new court dedicated to dealing with harassment cases, such as those involving doxxing – the publishing of an individual’s private personal information online – and threatening behaviour, will be established here on Tuesday (June 1).

Criminal and Civil Harassment Claims

The Protection from Harassment Court will hear all criminal and civil harassment claims, said the Ministry of Law and the State Courts in a joint press release on Monday.

But it may not deal with claims related to other civil or family proceedings that it thinks would be more “justly, expeditiously and economically disposed of in another court”.

Harassment Court Location

The new court will be seated at the State Courts building in Chinatown.

It will adopt simplified court processes for certain types of applications – including those for protection orders (POs) and orders relating to falsehoods – if the claims meet certain criteria, such as involving only one claimant and no more than five respondents.

Source: Dominic Low – The Straits Times

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