Singapore Named As Top International Arbitration Center

International Arbitration

Singapore Ties With London As Top Seat For International Arbitration

In a landmark feat, Singapore has tied for first place with London as the top seat of arbitration in the world, based on a well-regarded survey.

It is also the preferred seat of arbitration in the Asia-Pacific region and among the top four worldwide, with its standing improving even in the Caribbean/Latin America region, where it was previously unranked.

The 2021 international arbitration survey by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and global law firm White & Case published last month also ranked the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) as the most preferred arbitral institution in the Asia-Pacific and second in the world.

In the 2018 QMUL survey, Singapore was ranked third most popular seat for arbitration, behind London and Paris, and in 2015 it was fourth, behind London, Paris, and Hong Kong.

The survey explored how international arbitration has adapted to changing demands and circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic and also probed trends in user preferences and perceptions, say its authors.

Source: K.C. Vijayan – The Straits Times