Singapore Law Schools Adding Technology-Related Curriculum

Singapore Law Schools

Singapore law schools recognise the impact of technology on the legal industry

Recognising the impact of technology on the legal profession, Singapore law schools are infusing more technology-related classes into their curriculum.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is introducing two compulsory modules starting with the intake of law undergraduates in the new academic year in August.

The first is a law and technology module that covers areas such as the “law of technology”, which looks into the regulation of new technologies such as blockchain or autonomous vehicles. It will also include the “technology of law”, which examines ways in which analytics and machine learning are changing legal practice.

The second is a data literacy module.

Professor Wayne Courtney, vice-dean of academic affairs at NUS’ Faculty of Law (NUS Law), said these two modules, which will be taken in the third year of study, are in addition to the 30 elective modules in the categories of intellectual property and technology law that students can choose from. read more

Source: Singapore Academy of Law

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