Law Society of Singapore’s Litigation Annual Conference 2022: A Review

Litigation Annual Conference

Serena Lim Reviews the Law Society’s 2022 Litigation Annual Conference

Law Society of Singapore's Litigation Annual Conference 2022: A Review I found yesterday morning’s keynote and panel sessions at the Law Society’s Litigation Annual Conference 2022 extremely engaging and enlightening.

The panelists’ in-depth analysis and discussions about how the new rules would affect strategies, approaches, skill sets, and roles, provided much food for thought.

Accelerated timeframes and major procedural changes such as the AB4D (Affidavit before Discovery) and the SAPT (Single Application Pending Trial) make it necessary for lawyers to do everything “earlier than before”: from gathering and plunging into the evidence earlier, to preparing affidavits and applications and interfacing with clients, witnesses and experts earlier.

Yet, despite the initial discomfort of the challenges of coping with the accelerated timelines, without exception, the Litigation Annual Conference panelists were unanimous in acknowledging that the new rules are transformational, and that properly understood and used, provides an opportunity to fundamentally transform the way litigation works.

Thanks to the Law Society of Singapore, Jean Wong, Raeza Ibrahim, Shumin Lin, Eusuff Ali, Ian Lim, Felicia Tan, Chew Kei-Jin, and Francis Xavier for a wonderful conference and the insightful sessions.

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