InSync Evidence Presentation Platform from Litigation Edge

InSync evidence presentation

The InSync Evidence Presentation Platform

Litigation Edge has developed the InSync evidence management platform as a next-generation trial preparation and presentation solution for judges, lawyers, and witnesses. InSync improves collaboration, facilitates trial preparation, and streamlines the user experience for those who attend virtual hearings from distant locations.

InSync converts paginated bundle indexes, along with the associated PDF documents, into a hyperlinked electronic bundle (eBundle).

The InSync evidence presentation is available in two versions:

  • Personal for trial preparation and individual use.
  • Group for trial presentation in place of (or in addition to) paper bundles.

Lawyers may use both versions in the same case, as the different modes serve different purposes (preparation and presentation).

Users of InSync can retrieve documents by clicking on the index hyperlink, or by typing in the page number or tab number.

Insync enable users to instantly project retrieved documents to the monitors of all parties, whether the party is in the hearing room or at a remote location.

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