Our Technology

CaseRoom™ eDiscovery System

The CaseRoom eDiscovery System powered by VenioOne is our secure, user-friendly and cost-efficient evidence and document review solution that enables users to immediately upload, analyze, review and export electronic evidence.


CaseRoom enables users to immediately upload, analyze, review and export electronic documents within a secure, scalable environment.

User Friendly

In addition being easily accessed from any secure web connection, CaseRoom has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that requires minimal training.


CaseRoom is available as a subscription service securely hosted on AWS Singapore, behind your firewall as an on-premise installation, or as a bespoke mobile platform.


CaseRoom features email processing, evidence management, document review, advanced search, data analytics, machine learning, and document export tools.

InSync™ EPP

Litigation Edge has developed the InSync eBundle Presentation Platform (EPP) as a next-generation solution for support judges, lawyers who attend semi- and virtual hearings from different locations.


InSync converts paginated bundle indexes, along with the associated PDF documents, into a hyperlinked electronic bundle (eBundle).


Users of InSync can retrieve documents by clicking on the index hyperlink, or by typing in the page number or tab number.


Insync EPP enables users to instantly project retrieved documents to the monitors of all parties, whether the party is in the hearing room or at a remote location.


Even where all parties are in court, InSync enables parties to enjoy a more efficient paper-less hearing and save on print and copy costs.

Technology Partners


Tech-celerate for Law

Tech-celerate for Law is an initiative by the Law Society of Singapore, the Ministry of Law, Enterprise Singapore and the Info-communications Media Development Authority that enables qualified Singapore law firms to adopt legal technology solutions from 7 pre-scoped solution categories with up to 80% funding support in the first year of implementation.

The CaseRoom eDiscovery System powered by VenioOne has been evaluated and pre-approved by the Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority as an advanced technology solution under the Tech-celerate for Law program.