Post-Pandemic Law Firms Will Be Agile and Tech-Forward

Law Firms

Law firms are increasingly leaning towards more agile workplaces

What will the future of work look like? Indeed, what will the office of the future look like, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic? These are questions that law firms, among other businesses, will likely be grappling with over the coming months and years. And with COVID leaving workplaces empty for prolonged periods, firms using this time to relook at their needs and options when it comes to workspaces.

Cecilia Wang, a Hong Kong-based director at design firm M Moser Associates, says the modern legal workplace will need to reflect the “agility” of technology used by clients, staff and partners in a post-COVID world.

Wang, who works with law firm clients, has watched as expectations and needs have shifted over time, with spaces for collaboration and work-life balance growing critical.

“Moving away from traditionally cellular and status-symbolising spaces, law firms are increasingly leaning towards more agile workplaces,” says Wang, adding that she has noticed a greater focus on “synergising aesthetics with flexibility, functionality, collaboration, and interaction.”

Neil Salton, former principal of Woods Bagot Singapore and managing director of ChangeWorq, a workplace strategy practice, assists firms with realising the type of workplace they want to create. Similarly, he has also noticed several ways that law firm workspaces are changing — and are likely to continue to evolve in the future. read more

Source: Elizabeth Beattie | Asian Legal Business