InSync EPP – eBundle Presentation Platform

InSync EPP

Insync EPP Is designed for virtual hearings in the new normal

InSync EPP The ability of the judge and the parties to access an electronic bundle for the hearing is an essential element of an effective remote hearing. Insync EPP is Litigation Edge’s next-gen eBundle presentation platform for virtual and semi-virtual hearings where witnesses, lawyers, and judges are attending the Hearing from different locations.

Insync EPP can convert your paginated bundle index and the PDF documents into a hyperlinked eBundle and retrieve documents by clicking on the index hyperlink, or by typing in the page number or tab number. It also provides users with the ability to project the retrieved document to the monitors of all parties, whether the party is in the hearing room or at a remote location. learn more

InSync EPP

Initially published in the Singapore Law Society‘s The Brief – Highlights for the SmartLaw Guild (02 July 2020)