insync ebundle, InSync eBundle Presentation Platform

eBundle Technology Designed for Virtual Hearings

The ability of a judge and the parties to access an electronic bundle (eBundle) is an essential element of an effective remote hearing. Not only are paper bundles incompatible with remote hearings as a matter of logistics, but they also present a potential transmission source for coronavirus.

Many jurisdictions and courts have made electronic bundles mandatory, creating an acute need for parties to access a reliable software program to create, navigate, and present eBundles.

InSync eBundle Presentation Platform

insync ebundle, InSync eBundle Presentation PlatformLitigation Edge has developed the Insync eBundle Presentation Platform (EPP) as a next-generation solution for support judges, lawyers who attend virtual and semi-virtual hearings from different locations, be they across the city or around the world. Insync EPP converts paginated bundle indexes, along with the associated PDF documents, into a hyperlinked eBundle. Users can retrieve documents by clicking on the index hyperlink, or by typing in the page number or tab number.

Insync EPP also enables users to project the retrieved document to the monitors of all parties, whether the party is in the hearing room or at a remote location. The instantaneous projection speeds up the document retrieval process and ensures that everyone is looking at the right page.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

InSync EPP is priced reasonably for cases of all sizes. Even where all parties are in court, Insync enables parties to enjoy a more efficient paper-less hearing and to save on print and copy costs. Learn More