​eBundle Service

How many times have you been in the midst of a trial or arbitration when opposing counsel or a witness misrepresents the truth. You know you have a document somewhere that could refute their assertion, but there is no way you locate it in time to make a difference.

If it has happened once, it will happen many more times in your professional life as a trial lawyer. The growing volume of email and other electronic evidence in each case poses a challenge to even the best prepared trial lawyers.

Litigation Edge’s eBundle service provides you with the means to find that elusive needle in the vast haystack of evidential data in super-quick time. The magic lies in a fully hyperlinked bundle and a portable search engine.

All you need to do is provide us with hard copies / PDF copies of your documents and a document list/index (if one is available), and we convert that to an eBundle. Litigation Edge’s eBundle is fully compliant with Singapore Court requirements. We also cater to special conventions or requirements  that your law firm may have. And we can do the same magic with multi-exhibit Affidavits.

, eBundles

eBundle Benefits include :

  1. Instantaneous document retrieval at trial
  2. Facilitates preparation of Opening Statements
  3. Costs savings in court bundle preparation
  4. Facilitates compliance with tight court deadlines
  5. Putting order into an uncooperative opponent’s paper deluge at discovery
  6. Document portability (You can run the eBundle from any PC or laptop without any software installation)

Our  eBundle has been engaged in court and  arbitration hearings involving as few as 5 arch files, and as many as 150 boxes of documents. No training is needed as the eBundle format mirrors the court /arbitration formats that you are familiar with.