Singapore ranks 10th in global cybersecurity


Japan ranked 1st in cybersecurity

Singapore rounded off the top ten best cybersecurity countries which were largely dominated by European countries with an overall score of 15.13, according to a study by consumer information provider Comparitech.

The study, which looked at 60 countries based on seven criteria such as the percentage of mobiles and computers infected with malware and the number of attacks in by cryptominers in 2018, found that Singapore was the most prepared country with a score of 0.925. On the other hand, its percentage of mobiles infected with malware (8.18%) and the number of attacks by cryptominers (1.61%) weighed on the country’s ability to place higher up in the rankings.

In terms of up-to-date legislation that looked at both existing and drafted laws covering seven categories such as national strategy, military, content, privacy, commerce, and crime, Singapore received a score of four. Countries received a point for having legislation in a category or half a point for a draft. [read more]

Source: Singapore Business Review