Singapore Bar exams to be more stringent from 2023

Singapore Bar

From 2023, law graduates who want to be practising will have to complete one year of practice training with a firm instead of the current six months, after passing the .

In addition, Part B of the exam will be more stringent, announced in a speech on Thursday (Aug 30). Part B is taken by graduates from both local and overseas universities, while Part A is a requirement only for those from overseas universities.

For law graduates who decide not to become practising lawyers, they can still be called to the Singapore Bar after passing the exams – without having to complete the practice training period.

This means a practice training contract will no longer be a pre-condition for admission to the Bar. For these students, they can pursue alternative careers such as becoming an , , and legal technologists. [continued]

Source: Lydia Lam - Channel NewsAsia