Will Singapore stay ahead of the Intellectual Property game?

Intellectual Property

The votes have been cast and Singapore has been identified as having the world's best airport, the world's most powerful passport, and having a couple of the world's top universities. The Singapore brand strives to be No 1. The country punches above its weight and stays at the top of minds, having also been chosen to host the Xi-Ma meeting as well as the recent Trump-Kim summit.

And in the realm of Intellectual Property (IP), Singapore has also aimed to set the gold standard.

It has been highly ranked in the global intellectual property index released by the US Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Centre (GIPC). On Feb 8, the GIPC released its IP Index, Create, in which Singapore came in 9th, ahead of Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, and second to Japan in the Asia-Pacific.

Singapore ranks best in Asia and fourth in the world for having the best IP protection, according to the latest 2017/2018 World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report. [continued]

Source: [Opinion] Francine Tan, Francine Tan Law Corporation - The Business Times