Altlaw Becomes Newest RelativityOne Customer


The UK’s Leading Independent eDiscovery Service Provider Announces Move to the Cloud with RelativityOne

Altlaw Becomes Newest RelativityOne Customer 1London - Altlaw has signed on to use Relativity’s SaaS platform, RelativityOne, in the UK as part of its ongoing commitment to offer clients the most up-to-date, powerful and secure eDiscovery services available.

Established in London in 2004, Altlaw offers end-to-end eDiscovery services across the UK and Europe. Altlaw’s focus is to provide technology and expertise which allow their clients to make better-informed decisions at the earliest possible stage in the litigation process and have been working with law firms and in-house counsel to dramatically speed up the process of identifying, reviewing and managing relevant data.

With RelativityOne, Altlaw plans to leverage the SaaS platform’s added scalability, extensibility, and performance to deliver cutting-edge data solutions for its clients working on complex eDiscovery cases and even in areas outside of eDiscovery.

“Our core focus has always been to offer the very best in technology and expert project support to our clients” said Matthew Altass, CEO of Altlaw eDiscovery. “RelativityOne allows us to easily scale our offering relative to our clients’ needs, whilst offering the very latest cutting-edge software, integration and security.”

“As a longstanding partner of ours, I’m pleased that Matt and the Altlaw team have decided to further our working partnership through their commitment to RelativityOne,” said Steve Couling, Managing Director & VP Sales, EMEA. “We’re excited to see how Altlaw utilizes the power of our SaaS platform to deliver stronger results and better data solutions for their users.”

A Relativity partner since 2011, Altlaw is now positioned to offer clients the security, performance, and scalability of the cloud – all while ensuring their clients have access to the latest and greatest features and innovations RelativityOne has to offer.