What is Legal AI and How Will It Affect Future Lawyers?

legal ai, What is Legal AI and How Will It Affect Future Lawyers?

Zaid Hamzah, founder of Future Law Academy and the CEO and General Counsel of Asia Law Exchange, traces the beginning of advanced legal analytics to around 2012, when the term “Legal Analytics” and “Legal AI” started appearing on websites and various legal publications. Since then, the use of natural language processing and machine learning — both aspects of artificial intelligence — have become common in mature markets like the US and UK. In China, AI-assisted sentencing is even helping to speed up the processing of cases in the judicial system.

The next generation of lawyers needs to be equipped with Legal AI skills

With the way things are going, the next generation of lawyers naturally needs to be equipped with the right data and AI skills so they can harness these technologies to promote greater efficiency and greater access to justice. Against this background, Zaid has worked with Singapore Management University’s (SMU) School of Law to design an SMU-X course called ‘Legal Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Law’.

This course focuses on integrating aspects of data analytics and AI in the field of law, and trains students to be able to collaborate with data science teams to design and develop legal products and services driven by data and AI. As the SMU-X course involves sending students out into the real world, they will also have the opportunity to learn how to manage and design legal AI projects for real-life law firms or corporate legal departments. [read more]

Source: SMU Blog


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