The rise of legal technology use by Singapore’s lawyers and law firms

legal technology

Legal Technology Ushers New Norms

The realm of common law is not known for rapid change, with precedent established incrementally and age-old processes enduring for reasons central to the notion of justice itself. Yet digitalisation is ushering in new norms in the legal system, with procedures such as Zoom trials and artificial intelligence on the rise.

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The rise of legal technology has changed how lawyers and other legal professionals work, increasing the efficiency and productivity of legal workflows but also causing difficulties for small and medium-sized firms lacking in IT expertise and funds.

Remote Hearings

One of the most apparent recent changes has been the shifting of court hearings online in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and lawyers conducting arbitration and meditation sessions virtually, says Alyssa Toh, Director of the Professional Services Programme Office at Singapore’s Ministry of Law.

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Small and Medium-sized Law Firms

Small and medium-sized law firms are frequently unable to benefit from economies of scale and IT resources, said K. Shanmugam, Singapore’s Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, at last month’s launch of the Legal Technology Platform (LTP), a law ministry-led initiative that aims to streamline workflow for local law practices. He said law practices also preferred technology that “improves legal workflows without having to overhaul their existing systems.”

Singapore’s Legal Technology Platform

Toh says the LTP is a “one-stop solution to help lawyers and law firms enhance and accelerate their digitalisation journey.” It is integrated with existing tools such as email, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, and Slack so that even if essential information and documents are spread across applications, lawyers can access them quickly. read more

Source: Woo Hoi Yuet | GovInsider