Litigation Edge’s Serena Lim – ALITA Awards 2022 Finalist

ALITA Awards 2022

ALITA Awards 2022 Finalists

Serena Lim | Ligitation Edge & Bizibody Tech

Serena Lim, (co)founder of Litigation Edge and Bizibody Tech, has been named a finalist in the 2022 Asia Pacific Legal and Technology (ALITA) Awards.

The ALITA Awards were launched to give voice and recognition to contributors to the legal tech and legal innovation ecosystem across the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2022, there are five award categories:

  • Outstanding Legaltech Entrant Award [Organisation-based]
  • Outstanding Legal Innovator Award – Law Firm [Organisation-based]
  • Outstanding Legal Innovator Award – Industry [Organisation-based]
  • Legal Innovation / Legal Tech (LI/LT) For Good Award [Project-based]
  • Outstanding Legal Innovator Award – Individual [Individual-based]

2022 ALITA Awards Ceremony

The ALITA Awards 2022 award ceremony will be presented in person at Techlaw.Fest 2022!

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Dates: July 20th – 22nd

2022 ALITA Awards Judges

Justice Aedit Abdullah
Judge, Supreme Court of Singapore

Terri Mottershead
Executive Director, Centre of Legal Innovation New Zealand, APAC, The College of Law

Ginevra Saylor
National Director, Innovation and Knowledge Programs at Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

Elliot Leibuong
Co-Host, The Legal Ops Podcast

Holger Zcheyge
President, European Legal Tech Association (ELTA)

Joy Heath Rush
CEO, International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)

Mike Haven
Head of Legal Operations, Intel
President, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC)

Dr. Mimi Zou
Advisory Board Member, Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation UK

Kat Kukreja
Board Member, Association of Corporate Counsel Hong Kong

Gabriel Teninbaum
Assistant Dean of Innovation, Strategic Initiatives & Distance Education
Professor of Legal Writing, Suffolk University Law School

Paul Neo
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Singapore Academy of Law

Marina Yastreboff
President, AUSCL Australasian Society for Computers and Law

Andrea Perry-Petersen
Consultant and Founder, Reimagining Justice

Komal Gupta
Chief Innovation Officer, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

2022 ALITA Audience Choice Award

ALITA Awards 2022 has garnered nominations across its five Award categories from 15 jurisdictions across the Asia-Pacific. Now, it is up to you to vote for the ALITA Audience Choice Award winner from the Top 15 ALITA Awards 2022 Finalists!

About Serena Lim

Serena Lim is the founder and managing director of two established legal technology (“legaltech”) companies, BIZIBODY TECHNOLOGY (“BB”) and LITIGATION EDGE (“LE”).

Through BB and LE, she has spent over two decades helping Singapore law firms adopt and implement legaltech solutions in her role as legaltech entrepreneur, thought leader, and consultant.

Before becoming a legaltech entrepreneur, Serena worked as a banking/corporate/real estate lawyer at Khattar Wong from 1988 until 1999, eventually becoming the managing partner of the firm’s Hong Kong branch before retiring from legal practice.

Serena’s extensive experience with legal practice workflows and in leading BB and LE have provided me with the following skillsets: expertise in several genres of legaltech software, project management, consulting and training, team building, business development, and legaltech advocacy.

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About Litigation Edge

Litigation Edge was founded in February 2011 to support the growing electronic discovery needs of Singapore law firms. We took our 40 years of combined experience in litigation support, data discovery, and legal practice to develop a boutique consultancy that has played a pioneering role in Singapore data discovery since the passing of the Singapore eDiscovery Practice Direction in October 2009. Not only are we well-recognized thought leaders and speakers, but we are also practitioners with extensive experience in providing reasonable, cost-effective solutions.


ALITA is a regional network that connects communities physically and virtually to facilitate cross-border collaboration in the space of legal innovation and technology and promote the sharing of knowledge. Their  mission is three-fold:

  1. Promote the development and use of legal technology, as well as advance thought leadership and education in the fields of legal innovation and technology;
  2. Aid the efforts of national legal technology associations and provide guidance and expertise in the creation and operation of local legal technology associations; and
  3. Enhance connections, collaboration, and coordination between legal technology associations, regulators, law firms, technology companies, and legal technology interest groups across the Asia-Pacific to generate opportunities for their stakeholders.

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