Law Reform Committee Discusses the Impact of AI on Law

Law Reform Committee

Law Reform Committee considering whether current policy is “fit for purpose”

The Law Reform Committee (LRC) of the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) established a Subcommittee on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to consider and make recommendations regarding the application of the law to AI systems. The LRC is considering whether existing systems of law, regulation, and wider public policy remain “fit for purpose,” given the pace and ceaselessness of change of the AI field. The LRC published two reports in July 2020, one report in September 2020, and one report in February 2021:

  • “Applying Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Regulatory Reform”;
  • “Rethinking Database Rights and Data Ownership in an AI World”;
  • “Report on the Attribution of Civil Liability for Accidents Involving Autonomous Cars”; and
  • “Report on Criminal Liability, Robotics and AI Systems.”

Impact of robotics and artificial intelligence on the law

This initiative is part of the report series on “impact of robotics and artificial intelligence on the law” to stimulate systematic thought and debate on these issues and discussions between policymakers, legislators, industry, the legal profession, and the public to adopt legislation in line with the evolution of AI. The remaining two reports of the series cover application of criminal law to the operation of AI systems and technologies, and the attribution of civil liability for accidents involving automated cars. read more

Source: Lucas Nicolet-Serra – K&L Gates | National Law Review