Singapore Law Firm Rankings for 2021

Singapore Law Firm

Singapore Law Firms Ranked in 15 Practice Areas

The Straits Times, together with international market researcher Statista, conducted the first-ever survey to identify Singapore’s best law firms in 15 different areas of legal practice. These areas range from banking and finance law to civil dispute resolution. The results are based on more than 10,000 recommendations from over 4,000 lawyers, clients and colleagues.

The list of Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2021 can be accessed here

For every of the 15 categories of law listed in the survey, all the recommendations were analysed and studied. Based on the results the Top 20, Top 15 or Top 5 law firms were identified and ranked according to the number of recommendations they drew in the various categories of law that were listed.

In total 98 law firms received 265 awards. The lists of the top law firms in the various categories were determined after due and careful examination in an elaborate process, based on the data collected and obtained.

Source: The Straits Times