Young lawyers in Singapore well-placed to offer innovative solutions

young lawyers

Young lawyers can offer innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs

In a time of economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, lawyers who can produce innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs to meet clients’ needs will gain a competitive edge.

In a speech on Tuesday (Aug 25), Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon encouraged new lawyers entering the profession to consider how technology can improve efficiency in the delivery of legal services.

“You are well-placed to offer fresh perspectives and creative ideas that may not occur to those of us accustomed to the old ways of doing things,” he said.

The Chief Justice was speaking at this year’s mass call to admit new lawyers, the first time the annual ceremony is being conducted via remote hearing.

In his speech, CJ Menon encouraged the young lawyers to boldly confront the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and to take advantage of new opportunities that will emerge. read more

Source: Selina Lum – The Straits Times