An Insightful Perspective: Interview With Toby Landau QC 

Prakash Pillai conducted an exclusive interview with Toby Landau QC, a renowned British lawyer and arbitration expert who is the first Queen’s Counsel (QC) to be called to the Singapore Bar since the independence of Singapore. Mr. Landau’s admission to the Singapore Bar has been described as “a historic occasion in the legal history of Singapore”.

PP: Firstly, let me congratulate you on making legal history in Singapore by becoming the first QC to be admitted to the Singapore Bar on a permanent basis. What prompted you to apply?

TL: I have for a number of years been very active in Singapore on a sort of “fly-in fly-out” basis. I have done a number of cases in Singapore courts, both in the first instance and the appellant level on ad-hoc admissions. I have worked for a long period for the government in a number of capacities, been on the panel advisors for the Attorney-General’s Chambers for a number of years and assisted in a number of international matters for the government. I have been teaching here for some time. So there has always been a focus on Singapore in my practice and it seemed a natural next step to just extend it a little bit and try and get rights of audience again.

Source: An Insightful Perspective: Interview With Toby Landau QC – Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration – Singapore