Litigation Edge – Pioneers In Asian Paper Discovery Services

Litigation Edge - Pioneers In Asian Paper Discovery Services

Despite the exponential growth of electronic data, paper is still king in Asia, as Asian business processes still rely heavily on paper documentation.

Our team members are pioneers in Asian paper discovery. We have project managed and successfully undertaken onsite projects across Asia, including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India for international law firms and litigation support service providers.

Offsite digitization and evidence coding/indexing is a core service that we provide to clients on a daily basis.

When documents cannot be moved from their location, either due to data privacy rules, industry regulations, or the confidential nature of their content, Litigation Edge is able to provide a full onsite service. We can fully staff, project manage and resource the relevant equipment for onsite projects.

Our paper processing services includes:

  1. Onsite and offsite evidence scanning / digitization
  2. Document delimiting/Unitisation
  3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR, includes CJK)
  4. Bibliographic Coding