The Smart Tool For Preparing Perfect Trial Bundles

Evidence Organiser 1Preparation of trial bundles and list of documents means hours at the copier-scanner, then tagging, paginating, creating page range and binding - work that is tedious, intellectually unrewarding, and often stressful, due to time constraints.

For lawyers, gearing up for a trial is stressful enough, without having to sweat the backroom stuff. Every successful trial lawyer knows that a well-prepared bundle gives the Court a favourable impression of your preparedness. Trial preparation is a process. Evidence Organizer helps law firms achieve best practices in litigation, including paper-less litigation and accurate and efficient bundle productions.

Litigation Edge’s Evidence Organizer software can be activated at different stages of your trial preparation process, as early as when you receive evidence from the clients, or at the stage of discovery or at the later stage of preparing trial bundles.


  • Easy-to-use Database for Naming Documents including Dates
  • Create Host / Attachment Relationships easily
  • Automated Verification of Fields
  • Auto Creation of Document Lists / Trial Bundles in Chronological Order
  • Auto Numbering and Page Range Creation


  • Cuts down more than 50% of effort and time required in preparing trial bundles
  • Enables and encourages paper-less litigation workflow and the benefits of digitization, including logistics of document management, full text searchability and document collaboration.
  • Ease of use

Evidence Organiser 2