Email, Electronic Evidence and Document Review

CaseRoom is our secure, user friendly and cost efficient evidence and document review solution that enables users to immediately upload, analyze, review and export electronic documents and email. This unified platform features centralized administration with the flexibility to scale seamlessly across multiple locations, without the labor or cost required to buy, install, and maintain additional technology infrastructure.

Documents and emails are uploaded via secure “drag and drop” interface, with automated “back office” processing that converts files into a searchable and reviewable format. CaseRoom includes email processing, evidence management, document review, advanced search, data analytics and document export tools integrated within an intuitive interface that’s fast and easy to use.

  • Easily accessible from any secure web connection
  • Supports major web browsers
  • Available for desktops and mobile devices
  • Visually analyze and find documents
  • Securely share documents
  • Easily export documents
  • Compliments our Evidence Organiser Trial Bundle software

CaseRoom is powered by VenioOne, a unified platform that powers every phase of electronic discovery: processing, early case assessment, legal analysis, culling, review, and digital production. VenioOne is a complete platform with unparalleled agility and ease-of-use: scalable from small to large data sets, deployable locally or in the cloud.