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Updated 17 May 2021

Workplace Safe Management

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MoM) has tightened Workplace Safe Management Measures from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021. During this period, employers must ensure that all employees who are able to work from home do so. Social gatherings at the workplace are disallowed. These measures help lower transmission risks by reducing the levels of interaction at common spaces at or near the workplace, and in public places, including public transport (please refer to Requirements for Safe Management Measures at the workplace).

WFH Consortium

Litigation Edge and our partners’ Bizibody and Availabilit have set up the WFW Consortium to assist Singapore law firms to comply with tightened Workplace Safe Management Measures. We are experiencing a “new normal” together and, as your trusted advisors, we remain wholly committed to providing support to Singapore law firms in this unprecedented crisis.

Services provided by our WFH Consortium will help law firms address the challenges they face in working from home, including:

Work From Home Infrastructure

Consultants from Availabilit (AVBT) are available to address your WFH infrastructure and compliance concerns, including:

  • How Do I Access our systems and documents from home?
  • What do the Law Soc Cyber Security rules say about remote access?

Bulk Scanning and File Digitization

The Litigation Edge (LE) Digitization Bureau can assist firms with expedited bulk scanning. As the industry’s leading digital scanning provider, LE is well placed to answer the question “How Can I Quickly Digitise All My Active Files so I Can WFH?”:

  • The trick to efficient and accurate bulk scanning is not the size of the Xerox machine, but the accompanying workflow. These steps make it possible for the scanning operator to process many documents at once – rather than scanning one document at a time – all without messing up the order of the documents.
  • Other essential best practices for digital scanning include document separator sheets, OCR to enable document searchability, bookmarking, and automated document splitting.
  • The outsourced services from the Litigation Edge bulk digitization consultancy are detailed in the below WFH Service Writeup.
  • If Court hearings are not suspended, LE’s bundling and hearing support services will go a long way in ensuring business as usual for dispute lawyers.

Remote Collaboration Tools

Cloud software from Bizibody (BB) solves the challenges of remote teamwork and makes working from home a safer, enjoyable, and liberating experience. In a WFH world where everyone is dispersed, the key priorities for remote collaboration are documents, communication tools, and shared calendars.

  • WFH collaboration tools do not have to be an expensive affair. Even budget-conscious practices will find our Office 365 and Legal Case/Document Management subscriptions to be a great value. The key to realizing that value is quality user training.
  • Given the likely work slowdown in the coming weeks, the additional time you may find on your hands could be well spent in upgrading legacy software, automating workflows. receiving software training and an opportunity to become future-ready.
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