This is an area that Litigation Edge excels in. We help lawyers deal with the issues raised by the eDiscovery Practice Direction (Part V eDiscovery, previously known as PD3 of 2009). We work with you to raise or respond to Part V requests, to harness the opportunities raised by Part V, and to ensure that your Part V eDiscovery proceeds smoothly.

Our eDiscovery Consulting Engagements have included:

  • Assistance in drafting an eDiscovery Plan and Questionnaires
  • Assistance in eDiscovery Budgeting
  • Assistance in scoping eDiscovery projects
  • Advice on initiating & responding to Part V Requests
  • Providing eDiscovery and evidence review platforms in eDiscovery matters
  • Providing eDiscovery software support and workflow advisories
  • Advising on search engine selection and providing search execution expertise in the implementation of eDiscovery Plans
  • Providing early case assessment search engines to assist law firms with fact finding at the preliminary stages of a dispute
  • Executing keyword searches pursuant to agreed eDiscovery Plans / protocols, and preparing the document list and resulting documents for privilege review and exchange
  • Preparing Search reports and accompanying affidavits pursuant to keyword search execution
  • Providing facilities and search operators to law firms to facilitate the conduct of eDiscovery inspection of electronic documents and emails.

Litigation Edge Consultants regularly conduct eDiscovery Readiness Courses and Evidence Management Training Workshops for law firms (in-house CLE) and the Singapore Academy of Law.