The EDRM Workflow Diagram is a conceptual view of eDiscovery outlined in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model

This workflow provides a conceptual view of the e-discovery process, not a literal, linear or waterfall model. One may engage in some but not all of the designated steps, or one may elect to carry out the steps in a different order than shown here.

The diagram also portrays an iterative process. One might repeat the same step numerous times, honing in on a more precise set of results. One might also cycle back to earlier steps, refining one’s approach as a better understanding of the data emerges or as the nature of the matter changes.

The diagram is intended as a basis for discussion and analysis, not as a prescription for the one and the only right way to approach e-discovery.

EDRM Workflow Diagram

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What is the Electronic Discovery Reference Model?

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model is a community of electronic discovery and legal professionals who create practical resources to improve e-discovery and information governance. As technology radically transforms litigation and the legal profession, EDRM members collaboratively develop vital frameworks, standards, educational tools, and other resources to guide the adoption and use of e-discovery technologies.

Founded by attorney George Socha and technologist Tom Gelbmann, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model was launched in May 2005 to address the lack of standards and guidelines in the e-discovery industry. Since its launch, the EDRM community has steadily grown with participation from hundreds of domestic and international organizations, including representatives from service and software providers, law firms, industry groups, law schools, city governments, state attorneys general, state and federal agencies, and corporations involved with electronic discovery, working together to develop and publish frameworks, standards, and resources that address practical issues relating to electronic discovery and information governance.

EDRM Workflow Diagram