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Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning

There are two classes of artificial intelligence (AI): general (aka strong or full) and applied (aka narrow or weak). Applied is designed to handle specific tasks and is much more common than general, which attempts to be intelligent in the way one would think of an intelligent person — and may always be the stuff […]

How Amazon Has Reorganized Around Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

artificial intelligence

Amazon’s approach to artificial intelligence (AI) is called a flywheel. In engineering terms, a flywheel is a deceptively simple tool designed to efficiently store rotational energy. It works by storing energy when a machine isn’t working at a constant level. Instead of wasting energy turning on and off, the flywheel keeps the energy constant and […]

France-Singapore Road Map for Deepening Cooperation in Digital Innovation, Internet Governance and Cybersecurity 


Cooperation in Digital Innovation, Internet Governance and Cybersecurity 1. In the framework of the France-Singapore Year of Innovation in 2018, both countries are working to seek synergies and promote concrete partnerships between their innovation ecosystems. Both sides recognise the importance of pursuing and deepening institutional dialogue regarding digital technologies, Internet governance and cybersecurity cooperation. 2. […]

What Junior Lawyers Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Probably the biggest single driver of change in the industry is the increasing advance of technology. Everyone has read about the perceived threat of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s set to take lawyers’ jobs – and although Michael Skapinker of the Financial Times wrote recently that, like plumbers, lawyers are not yet approaching their […]

Microsoft Azure CTO: AI and machine learning “are going to transform every industry”

Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich

Now that the basic appeal of cloud computing has been established — compute and storage resources managed by your vendor instead of your employees — those cloud vendors are looking at higher-level services. Artificial Intelligence remains one of the most promising, according to Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich. Speaking at our GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit […]

Is Singapore the Next Center for Legal Innovation?

legal innovation

The Singapore government is making a big push to promote legal sector innovation, fostering programs and initiatives that encourage the development of legal tech and other advancements in law. But in other parts of Asia, including Hong Kong, legal innovation has been largely left to the market. Lawyers say Singapore has made noticeable progress in legal […]

Singapore Management University School of Law awarded significant AI research grant

AI - Artificial Intelligence Study at the Singapore Management University

The Singapore Management University (SMU) School of Law has been awarded a major grant of S$4.5 million from the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Infocomm Media Development Agency (IMDA) to helm a five-year Research Programme on the Governance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Use. SMU School of Law will also set up a […]

Singapore council to assess ethical use of AI, data

ethical use of AI (artificial intelligence)

The Singapore government is setting up an advisory council to assess the legal and ethical use of AI (artificial intelligence) and data as well as recommend policies and governance. This would help build “a trusted ecosystem” and ensure consumer confidence, as the country continued to develop its digital economy and new business models emerged, said […]

Minister Vivian Balakrishnan on 7 major tech trends and Singapore’s regulatory approach

Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation initiative Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

“Technology revolution is inevitable. It is foolish to stand in the way of progress and pretend that there is no downside or need for regulation”, said Minister Balakrishnan. At a legal technology conference held in Singapore, Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation initiative Dr Vivian Balakrishnan iterated Singapore’s regulatory approach to major technology trends. Minister Balakrishnan […]