Part One of ESI Basics: PSTs 

Outlook PSTs

PSTs: Handle With Care Lest You Corrupt! 

files were not designed to be accessed on a shared network and attempting to review messages stored this way may cause corruption. Further, files were designed to be accessed by a single user and attempted access by multiple users may also cause corruption.

While corrupted PSTs can often be repaired, repair attempts may alter e-mail messages. Further, processing options like may not properly function with repaired PSTs. Even worse, repairing PSTs may inadvertently result in .

How to Properly Handle ?

Don’t run the risk of corrupting PST files and spoliating evidence by trying to view the e-mail messages through your own . The ramifications of altering content and metadata are far-reaching and the risks are too great. Have the PST files properly processed first, and then review the e-mail messages in Relativity or another review tool with robust search, redaction and production options.

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