Singapore Lays Out Plans for Operational Technology Cybersecurity

Operational Technology Cybersecurity

The Operational Technology Cybersecurity Masterplan will serve as a strategic blueprint

Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency (CSA) on Tuesday unveiled the country’s Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Masterplan, whose goal is to help enhance the security and resilience of organizations that house OT systems.

The Masterplan focuses on industrial control systems (ICS), which account for a majority of OT systems. While it’s mainly addressed to critical information infrastructure owners, it also applies to other types of enterprises that rely on OT systems, such as pharmaceutical firms, oil and gas companies, and semiconductor manufacturers.

The plan revolves around three factors — people, technology and processes — and it has four main objectives.

One of them is to enhance Operational Technology cybersecurity training to help organizations be better prepared to defend themselves against cyberattacks. [Read More]

Source: Eduard Kovacs | SecurityWeek.Com