Singapore tops Government AI Readiness Index 

AI readiness index 

Government AI Readiness Index reviews public sector AI in 194 countries

has been named as the country best prepared to realise the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in public service delivery, topping the .

The South-East Asian city-state pipped the UK, the previous year’s winner, in the index compiled by consultants Oxford Insights. Reviewing progress on public sector AI in 194 countries, the ranking examines how well-placed nations are to take advantage of the benefits of AI in their internal operations and the delivery of public services.

The study highlights the variations between higher- and lower- or middle-income countries, with the former consistently achieving higher scores. The top five performers are Singapore, the UK, , the , and , whilst Africa and the Asia-Pacific countries crowd towards the foot of the listings.

Source: Glen Munro | Global Government Forum