Rise of the machine — how technology is disrupting Singapore’s law firms

artificial intelligence

Last year, a man-versus-machine showdown took place in the United States: Twenty top corporate lawyers from across the country were pitted against an () software developed by firm LawGeex, where they reviewed and approved everyday over a period of two months.

The results were astounding: The notched a 94 per cent accuracy rate, compared to the human lawyers’ 85 per cent. For one of the tasks — to review five non-disclosure agreements — the five human lawyers took more than 90 minutes. The longest time taken by an individual lawyer was 156 minutes and the shortest 51 minutes. In contrast, the took a mere 26 seconds.

While is unlikely to replace human lawyers anytime soon, if at all, the outcome reflects how this cutting-edge technology can play an important role in the Bar.

Indeed, other forms of technology have already made their presence felt in ’s legal sector. [read more]

Source: Alfred Chua | TODAYonline