Hong Kong leveraging AI and Big Data

AI and Big Data

AI and Big Data in Hong Kong

As countries and cities across the world push to encourage the widespread adoption of tech, Hong Kong is also moving fast in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create applications with big data or open data.

Numerous examples can be found in applications for smart city, health, finance, and insurance industries. For example, insurance companies in Hong Kong are streamlining and improving efficiencies and effectiveness in the overall customer experience through innovative use of Artificial Intelligence; face recognition and BMI prediction can reduce the time needed to sign up a new customer.

A growing number of insurance companies are using AI to automate claims processing. AI is also used for fraud detection as well as ensure compliance. Similarly, other financial services companies in Hong Kong are also using big data and AI data analytics to predict risks in investment, manage portfolios, and detect fraud.

Its high-performance deep learning supercomputing platform is one of China’s largest, able to support building models with hundreds of billions of parameters, categorizing hundreds of millions of files and training billions of images. [read more]

Source: Alita Sharon | OpenGov Asia