SingCert Cybersecurity Tips While Telecommuting

SingCert Cybersecurity Tips While Telecommuting 1

Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (SingCert) Remote Work Cybersecurity Tips

With the developing COVID-19 situation, more organisations have implemented business continuity plans that entail having separate teams work from alternate sites. In view of the recent Ministry of Health (MOH) advisory to implement stricter safe distancing measures, organisations are also moving towards telecommuting for their workforce.

These business continuity practices rely heavily on the usage of remote access technology and networking solutions, to access the organisation's Information Technology (IT) network for resources such as e-mails and file services. There is also a move towards conducting more meetings via teleconferencing.

Opportunistic cyber threat actors are capitalising on the situation to conduct malicious cyber activities by exploiting vulnerabilities in solutions or unsecured networks to gain unauthorised access to users' data or the organisation’s network.

COVID-19 themed phishing attacks and baiting scams continue to be on the rise as threat actors clone or impersonate websites, and use lures in phishing e-mails to trick victims into revealing sensitive information, or make payments on fraudulent websites. Phishing campaigns are becoming increasingly convincing, given the availability of professional phishing kits that allow threat actors to match logos and e-mail formats of legitimate organisations to create convincing lures. Another tactic often used by threat actors is to use similar characters in fake URLs to make users believe that a domain name is legitimate when it is not, for example, or

With COVID-19 related threats escalating on the cyber front and the move to remote access technology as a key means of communication, the need to enforce cybersecurity is vital for organisations to deliver essential business operations. Hence, organisations and employees need to be prepared, and adopt a heightened state of cybersecurity to enhance their cybersecurity postures and stay cyber-safe while telecommuting. Here are some pro-active measures that you can take to enhance your cybersecurity posture: read more

Source: SingCert Tips for Staying Cyber-Safe While Telecommuting


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