Why Singapore is a global legal technology hub

legal technology hub

Singapore’s commitment to creating the region’s, if not the worlds, leading legal technology hub is visible for all to see.

This commitment is exemplified by the Future Law Innovation Programme (‘FLIP’) set up by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). In their own words, the FLIP is an industry-wide initiative to drive innovation and encourage the adoption of new technology across the legal sector.

There are a number of components to FLIP that was officially launched at the start of 2019 including a dedicated co-working space to incubate legal technology start-ups as well a virtual collaboration platform for innovators.

Other legal technology initiatives, accelerators, and events are popping up frequently across Singapore, indicating that the legal technology ecosystem and its vast array of stakeholders is beginning to thrive. But why is Singapore flourishing and punching above its weight in relation to legal technology? [read more]

Source: Dominic Wrench - Taylor Vinters