Singapore lawyers push back against tying fees to claim amounts


Singaporean lawyers are concerned about the government’s move to tie fees allowed to civil suit claim amounts.

Around 1,000 lawyers flocked to a town hall held by the Law Society of Singapore on 1 November to voice their concerns to Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam, minister of law, and Indranee Rajah, second minister for finance and education, according to the Strait Times.

The Civil Justice Commission (CJC) established by Shanmugam has recommended that the maximum professional fees allowed be S$6,000 for a S$60,000 claim, S$148,000 for a S$10m claim, and S$723,000 for a S$200m claim. The caps will improve access to justice of ordinary citizens, the CJC argues.

The changes are part of a wider civil justice system reform spearheaded by the CJC.

Source: Sol Dolor | Australasian Lawyer