‘Painful’ changes to legal industry set to affect lawyers’ training and operations: Chief Justice

legal industry

Starting the 2019 legal year on a sobering note, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon warned of overarching changes to the breadth and depth of legal work that may overturn the profession's long-cherished notions about how lawyers should be trained and how law firms should operate.

The process will be difficult and may be painful, he said. In time, it is even conceivable that a class of "legal technicians" who are not legally trained may be able to provide services on less complex legal tasks with the help of technology.

Speaking at the opening of the legal year on Monday (Jan 7), Mr Menon pointed out that the legal industry is being “reshaped” by three significant factors: Globalisation, technology and the growing commercialisation of the law.

“These have come together so powerfully and so quickly that it seems certain that we are heading towards a future that will be dramatically different from the present,” he asserted.


Source: Faris Mokhtar | TODAYonline