How Law Firms in Singapore May Best Adapt to the Rise of Legal Technology

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Conventus Law spoke to Serena Lim, director of Litigation Edge and Bizibody Technology at the 5th Chilliiq Forum Asia on how law firms in Singapore may best adapt to the rise of legal technology.


About Serena Lim

Serena Lim is Litigation Edge’s Business Development Director, She also heads our eDiscovery team.

Miss Lim practiced as a corporate lawyer for 11 years in Khattar Wong & Partners, before embarking on a career as a business owner of and legal technology consultant in Bizibody Technology in 2000. Serena has worked in Singapore, Hong Kong and PRC. In January 2011, Serena started Litigation Edge with Brad Mixner and Chen Jun Bin to provide a comprehensive range of eDiscovery consultancy and litigation support services to the legal industry.

Since PD3 of 2009, Serena has been focusing on eDiscovery and litigation workflows with the objective of identifying areas where technology will address the “pain points” and reduce the stress and labour involved in the discovery process.

Serena also works closely with the Singapore Academy of Law, Temasek Polytechnic and Singapore Institute of Legal Education (SILE) to design and conduct e-discovery and litigation technology seminars for lawyers and paralegals. She has conducted more than 20 eDiscovery courses, which have been attended by over 1000 lawyers and paralegals.

Serena is very highly regarded by the legal industry for her forefront role in industry-wide legal technology projects and her pioneering role in making legal technology accessible and available to law practices of all sizes, from the largest firms to solo practices.

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