Simplifying the language of Singapore law on track, as more people visit law website

Singapore law

The ongoing simplification of the language of law is on track, with the next target within three years, even as the number of visitors to the Statutes Online website increased in the past three years.

The (AGC) began its work to simplify existing laws in 2014, in response to the Plain Laws Understandable By ans (PLUS) survey of about 1,000 people by its Legislation Division.

The division, 's central law drafting office, has been implementing the changes progressively with an aim to make the country's legislation more readable, the AGC told Channel NewsAsia.

In particular, attention is paid to the local use of English and the trend "that average ans get information through digital platforms more than print".

According to the AGC, there were 1.73 million unique visitors in 2015 to its Statutes Online website, which lays out the country's laws in detail.

Source: Lydia Lam - Channel NewsAsia