Singapore proposes to combine the Spam Control Act and the Do Not Call Law

Spam Control

Currently, the Do Not Call provisions regulate direct marketing messages that are transmitted by text, fax or call to phone numbers in Singapore while the Spam Control Act applies to bulk electronic messages sent for marketing purposes. The proposal further expands the reach to cover unsolicited marketing messages sent to instant messaging identifiers on social media platforms and messaging services.

The new proposal also unifies the time period (10 days) for businesses to respond to consumers’ requests to withdraw consent to receive marketing communications. Currently, the Spam Control Act requires a 10-day time frame and the Do Not Call provisions require a 30-day time frame. Businesses that have been responding to the longer deadline in the Do Not Call provisions will need to facilitate their consent withdrawal response procedure to meet the shorter requirement.

Source: Xiaoyan Zhang and Ariana Goodell - Reed Smith LLP | Lexology


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