Singapore keeps top spot in Asia within International Property Rights Index

International Property Rights Index

2019 International Property Rights Index placed Singapore among the top countries in physical property rights, IP rights, and the legal and political environment

Singapore topped Asia again while moving up a notch to fourth place overall among 129 countries ranked for how strongly they protect intellectual property (IP) rights. The Republic comes in behind other IP powerhouses such as Finland (1st), Switzerland (2nd) and New Zealand (3rd), according to this year's International Property Rights Index (IPRI), released on Friday (Oct 18). It was ahead of Australia and Japan, which ranked fifth and sixth respectively. The US moved up two spots to 12th place, while the UK slipped two spots to 15th place.

Developed by US-based Property Rights Alliance, the index serves as a barometer for the strength of protection across physical and intellectual property. [read more]

Source: The Straits Times