Will Artificial Intelligence Put Lawyers Out Of Business?

Artificial Intelligence

It may even be considered legal malpractice not to use artificial intelligence one day

What is the law but a series of algorithms? Codified instructions proscribing dos and don’ts -- ifs and thens. Sounds a lot like computer programming, right? The legal system, on the other hand, is not as straightforward as coding. Just consider the complicated state of justice today, whether it be problems stemming from backlogged courts, overburdened public defenders, and swathes of defendants disproportionately accused of crimes.

Can artificial intelligence help?

Very much so. Law firms are already using AI to more efficiently perform due diligence, conduct research and bill hours. But some expect the impact of AI to be much more transformational. It’s predicted AI will eliminate most paralegal and legal research positions within the next decade. Could judges and lawyers share the same fate? My co-author Michael Ashley and I spoke to experts about AI’s impact on the legal system for our upcoming book, Own the A.I. Revolution: Unlock Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy to Disrupt Your Competition. [read more]

Source: Neil Sahota, Cognitive World | Forbes