KLDiscovery Acquires Superior Document Services


KLDiscovery, Inc. (“KLD”), a leading global provider of electronic discovery, information governance, and data recovery services, today announced its acquisition of Superior Document Services, Inc. (“SDS”), a Richmond, Virginia-based full-service eDiscovery and litigation support provider.

SDS was founded in 1998 by Kriss Wilson and Renee Covington. It operates in the marketplace as “Superior” and “SDS Discovery.” SDS provides eDiscovery and litigation support services to Fortune 500 companies, law firms and government agencies across the United States.

KLDiscovery has a long history of successfully integrating companies it acquires into its global network. These acquisitions include Kroll Ontrack, AlphaLit, Turnstone, FlashData Solutions, RenewData, Credence Corporation, CopySecure, Elite Document Solutions, Strategic Legal Solutions, and Compiled. To support its organic and M&A growth strategies, KLD further strengthened its balance sheet and cash position with its recently completed merger with Pivotal Acquisition Corp. in December 2019.

Source: Business Wire