China’s tech billionaires back ethical rules on artificial intelligence

ethical rules on artificial intelligence

Proposed ethical rules on artificial intelligence to guide development

The leaders of two of China’s largest internet companies have proposed ethical rules on artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies to help guide the development of these fast-moving industries.

Baidu chief executive Robin Li Yanhong and Tencent boss Pony Ma Huateng submitted separate proposals to China’s annual gathering of its legislative and political advisory bodies, known as the “two sessions”, which kicked off in Beijing on Sunday.

“China’s innovation-driven development strategy, the building of digital China and business competition in the digital era cannot live without technology ethics,” Ma wrote in a proposal.

The plan from the chief executive of Tencent called for the government to step up ethical regulations on emerging technologies, such as big data, AI and gene editing.

Li urged officials to place a special emphasis on the ethical development of AI. “We can only better enjoy the bonus brought by AI when we can better handle the new relations between machines and humans,” he said.

Source: Meng Jing | South China Morning Post