Singapore launches new framework for data protection officers

data protection officers

Singapore launches new framework for data protection officers 1The Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) will be rolling out two fresh initiatives aimed at advancing Singapore’s digital economy while developing the country as a regional hub for data protection and data innovation training.

On Wednesday (July 17), the PDPC – which is Singapore’s privacy watchdog – announced a new training plan that will layout core competencies and proficiency levels required from Data Protection Officers (DPOs).

“The role of DPOs is central within organisations and skilled DPOs are crucial to supporting the responsible use of data and to drive data innovation,” the PDPC said.

The DPO Competency Framework and Training Roadmap, developed by the authority with input from industry experts, will serve as a resource to better support organisations in the hiring and training of DPOs based on identified competencies – including data protection and innovation – and proficiency levels. [read more]

Source: Jonathan Loh | Business Insider Singapore