CaseRoom: a Tech-celerate for Law advanced tech solution for eDiscovery

Tech-celerate for Law

The CaseRoom eDiscovery System powered by VenioOne is our secure, user-friendly and cost-efficient evidence and document review solution that enables users to immediately upload, analyze, review and export electronic documents and email. This unified platform features centralized administration with the flexibility to scale seamlessly across multiple locations, without the labor or cost required to buy, install, and maintain additional technology infrastructure. Learn More

Tech-celerate for Law

CaseRoom has been evaluated and approved by the IMDA as an advanced technology solution for eDiscovery under the Techcelerate for Law funding initiative for Singapore law firms.

CaseRoom: a Tech-celerate for Law advanced tech solution for eDiscovery 1

About Tech-celerate for Law

Tech-celerate for Law is a support scheme for the adoption of technology solutions by Singapore Law Practices (SLPs). Administered by the Law Society of Singapore, in partnership with Ministry of Law, Enterprise Singapore and Info-Communications Media Development (IMDA), this scheme will prepare SLPs for future disruptions beyond baseline technology adoption, empowering SLPs to focus on delivering enhanced legal services, strengthening their capabilities and increasing their competitiveness in the global landscape. Under Tech-celerate for Law, qualified SLPs are able to select and adopt legal technology solutions from 7 pre-scoped categories with up to 70% funding support in the first year of implementation.

About CaseRoom

The CaseRoom eDiscovery system is available as a subscription service securely hosted on AWS Singapore, behind your firewall as an on-premise installation or as a bespoke solution, such as a portable workstation for onsite matters with data privacy or secrecy concerns. Please contact us to further discuss your options further.

CaseRoom is powered by VenioOne OnDemand, a self-service solution that provides users with an agile and easy-to-use system throughout the litigation process. The complete unified e-Discovery platform allows users to immediately upload, analyze, review and produce electronic documents in a scalable and secure environment.

About Litigation Edge

Based in Singapore, Litigation Edge is the premier provider of discovery and outsourced litigation support services in Asia. Our services include paper Discovery, email Discovery, Electronic Discovery, and preparation of trial bundles.

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