China’s Cybersecurity Law Influences Tech Giants

There has been a growing global trend regarding the security and sovereignty of digital data – building facilities that store online data closer to customers.  Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are among the big American technology companies building data centers in Germany, the Netherlands, France and other countries. While some of the expansion is for technical reasons — the online services operate faster when they are near customers — the companies are also reacting to growing pressure from European governments and customers to maintain some control over their data.

Now, Apple announced that it would open its first data center in China. According to the, the move is a response to a strict new cybersecurity law in China that requires companies to store users’ data in the country. The new data center, in Guizhou, a province in southwest China, is part of a $1 billion investment in the province and will be operated in partnership with a local data management company, Apple said.

Source: China’s Cybersecurity Law Influences Tech Giants – iHLS